With FICTION FICTION, visual artist Elena Peytchinska and poet Thomas Ballhausen are continuing their linguistic/artistic exploration of space and language, as well as with the intertwining of drawing and literature. While their previous works, FAUNA (2018) and FLORA (2020), focused on strategies of rapprochement between the arts and the sciences based on linguistic-artistic premises, their latest work interrogates the relationship between the science of fiction and the fiction of science. FICTION FICTION presents a relational, practice-oriented model of operative fiction, which not only encounters the supposedly unthinkable other but integrates it as an active and necessary part of thought and creative processes.




With contributions by Lucia D’Errico, Sabina Holzer, Elisabeth Schäfer, and Ferdinand Schmatz


Graphic Design: Nina Reisinger


Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2023 (=Edition Angewandte)